PC APPLE Mac Mini 2020 MGNT3SA/A

PC APPLE Mac Mini 2020 MGNT3SA/A


– CPU: Apple M1
– RAM: 1 x 8GB
– Đồ họa:
– Lưu trữ: 512GB SSD/

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PC Mac Mini 2020 MGNT3SA/A is a high-end computer line from the Apple brand. The new generation Mac Mini is designed with a compact appearance and is also equipped with the modern Apple M1 processor chip, helping users to quickly tackle any work or play comfortably.
Luxurious design with overall silver color, super light weight, high quality materials
PC Mac Mini 2020 MGNT3SA/A has the typical beauty of Apple products with a silver overall color and a very familiar apple logo. The monolithic design feels modern thanks to meticulously finished lines, allowing you to place your Mac PC in any position.


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