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Newmen GM368 Mix Led Mechanical Keyboard (Full size)


– Mechanical keyboard
– USB 2.0 connection

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Double-layer keycap features imported materials: selection of high-quality imported materials, high wear resistance, increased durability, smooth surface and comfortable feeling.
All keys have no conflict, complex skills in the game can be deployed, satisfying the strict requirements of gamers when using. Different backlight modes for users visual enjoyment.
Conflict won’t happen when multiple keys are pressed at the same time: the keys are accurately identified with the speed of hand input without an inch wrong, making it more comfortable for users to use in games.
– Borderless key frame design for brighter led.
– Key life up to 50 million keystrokes.
– Keycap is composed of 2 layers (double-shot) to prevent character wear.
– Multimedia functions are integrated into the row of F keys and 4 arrow keys.
– Anti-ghosting prevents conflicts when pressing multiple keys at the same time.
– Resistant to dust, water, cigarette butts
– Eye-catching light effects
– Using sustainable aluminum alloy


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