MSI MAG CH120 I Chair (Black)

MSI MAG CH120 I Chair (Black)

Il prezzo originale era: $399.00.Il prezzo attuale è: $250.00.

Scratch-resistant wheel design helps the chair move smoothly with the included headrest and back cushion for a great experience
MSI CH 120 owns a 66mm wheel design with the ability to move flexibly without making noise, without causing scratches on the floor surface to help the chair move smoothly and easily, easily moving to the next position. necessary mind.

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The MSI CH 120 I (Black) gaming chair is a high-end gaming chair from the famous MSI brand with stylish design and outstanding features that will give you great experiences, satisfying even your needs. demanding users. Therefore, surely MSI CH 120 is the optimal choice for you.
Using high-quality materials for a smooth feel, safe to use and easy to clean
The MSI CH 120 gaming chair has an extremely solid structure, thanks to its high-grade steel alloy frame that stretches across the entire back and bottom of the chair and the use of paint materials that can prevent rust in long-term use. ensure durability and stability on par with other high-end chair brands.


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