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Salary: $31.82 an hour
Job Type
  1. Full-time
  2. Temporary
  3. Remote

This is a 100% remote role with fixed hours (1:00pm – 10:00pm EST)

The Apex Legends™ QA Play Tester Role:

The Apex Legends QA Play Testers fulfill an important role at EA by providing feedback that helps us better understand the Apex Legends player experience. With a particular focus on playability and gameplay balance, an Apex Legends™ QA Play Tester will work alongside the Apex QA and Development teams to identify opportunities to ensure each new Apex Legends™ release is exciting for all players.

Apex Legends™ QA Play Tester Responsibilities:

An Apex Legends™ QA Play Tester supports the development of Apex Legends™ by always being available in the game, to test out new features including new Legends characters, maps, items, and gameplay modes. This role goes beyond usual testing, everything you will do will be focused on playability, gameplay balance while proactively preempting game play strategy

As part of a specialized team, you will collaborate with your teammates to achieve the goals for the game sessions as set out by your lead. During a typical day you will be expected to attend team meetings, track your time, share feedback, and most of all, play Apex Legends™.

The next great Apex Legends™ QA Play Tester:

You are the voice of the Apex Legends™ player. You have a passion for Apex, the competitive shooter genre, and understand the Apex Legends™ community. You can adapt your playstyle from casual to hardcore, first-time player to seasoned veteran and your passionate about providing feedback that helps make Apex Legends fantastic for everyone.

You will have a strong understanding of Apex Legends™ and similar titles. You understand what ‘meta’ means and maybe you play competitively, or you love to min/max. Most of all you are a passionate gamer: you follow the trends, the latest gaming news, and have a pulse on the player community.

You are a strategic thinker, detail oriented, a team player, respectful of confidentiality, able to provide clear and timely feedback, and comfortable with playing a lot of Apex!

Foundational requirements:

  • high school diploma or equivalent.
  • must be 18 years of age or older.
  • basic knowledge of PC hardware, software, game consoles; and
  • basic knowledge of Google and/or Microsoft office software (spreadsheets, e-mail, calendar, etc.)

Electronic Arts is the leading interactive entertainment company, powered by innovative technology. We create incredible experiences for millions of players around the world. But what matters most is our people who inspire us, and the world, to play. As we bring new forms of entertainment to people around the world, we need creative, collaborative, diverse and adaptable people to keep making Electronic Arts better.

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